Thursday, 3 November 2011

Turn2us uses interactive Google Map and Twitter to plot the spread of fuel poverty in the UK

Millions of households across the country will struggle to afford their energy bills this winter. As a result Turn2us is highlighting the issue of fuel poverty through an innovative social media campaign that encourages people to tweet the amount they pay for their utilities as a percentage of their household income. These rates are then automatically plotted on an interactive map to give a visual picture of the variation up and down the country.
A household is said to be in fuel poverty when it spends over 10% of its total income on energy bills. According to Government figures, in 2009 some 5.5 million homes across the UK were in fuel poverty and this number is likely to grow in line with rising energy bills.
Alison Taylor, Director of Turn2us said: ‘Following the announcement of rises in the price of gas and electricity by fuel giants over the summer there are millions of people out there anxiously holding their breath in fear of the arrival of their energy bills. Through this campaign, we want to highlight the worrying spread of fuel poverty across the country and ensure people are aware of the support available to them."
Turn2us is encouraging people to check they are receiving all the financial support available to them this winter in the form of welfare benefits and charitable grants.

She continues: ‘In these tough economic times, it is important that people are claiming all the welfare benefits and grants that they are eligible for. Anyone can find out what financial support they may be entitled to by visiting the website and using the free, confidential and easy to use Benefits Check and Grants Search.’
You can use our fuel poverty calculator to check your energy spending and plot your results by visiting The UK Fuel Poverty Map at
The campaign hashtag is #FuelPoverty.

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