Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Netmums website reveals the financial struggle of UK families

A new survey commissioned by Netmums has revealed that 70% of families are struggling to survive financially.

The online community surveyed more than 2,000 of their members to find out how the UK's current economic situation was hitting family incomes and what impact rising prices was having on them. The survey found that:

- One in five mothers were missing meals so their children could eat.
- A quarter of families were living on credit cards.
- Almost half of families have sold or pawned goods to raise money.
- 16% of parents were being treated for a stress-related illness due to lack of cash.
- Two-thirds of families had less money coming in than this time last year.

If you are struggling to make ends meet, you may be able to find help on the Turn2us website. Use our Benefits Calculator to check your entitlement to welfare benefits and our Grants Search database to find out if you are eligible for help from a charitable fund.

You can read more from this Netmums survey here

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